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Jack Nicewander, DDS Robin Freeman, Certified Dental Sleep Coordinator

Dr. Jack enjoyed dentistry and the relationships he had with his patients for more than 40 years.  What set him apart from his colleagues was his desire to treat every patient as he would his own cherished family or friend.  With warmth, sincerity, honesty and integrity, he built a legacy that will long be remembered by his loyal patients and staff.  The decision to retire from dentistry and sell his practice was a difficult one, however, he left his patients in very good hands and set his sights on a new venture that would continue his desire to help people.

A doctor’s education should never stop, so Dr. Jack made it a point to keep current through countless education courses.  It was through one of these courses that his interest in Dental Sleep Medicine began.  For years, patients would ask him to fabricate an oral appliance to alleviate snoring because their bed partner couldn’t sleep.  Once he learned that frequent, loud snoring is a major symptom of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), his focus changed.  Sleep Apnea is a very serious health concern that effects every part of the body and he takes it very seriously.  As a dentist, he spent more time in his patient’s mouths than any other healthcare provider and he could see the visual signs of OSA that would prompt him to ask questions about quality of sleep and snoring.  He made it his mission to make education, screening, sleep studies and treatment solutions available for every patient at risk for OSA.  One of the treatment options for patients diagnosed with OSA approved by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine is a mandibular advancement device only made by dentists.  It is a custom- made dental appliance that is worn in the mouth at night to help open the airway and prevent it from collapsing during sleep.  In many cases, this appliance can replace CPAP therapy as prescribed by a sleep physician and can also be used to alleviate snoring in the absence of OSA.

This journey of knowledge and desire to help people lead him to the decision to begin Indy Center for Sleep Health. He partnered with Robin Freeman, his practice manager for almost 30 years, and invited her to take this journey with him. She has been there from the beginning and spent the last six years of her tenure in the dental practice as the Sleep Coordinator, attending many of the same educational courses. They share the same passion about dental sleep medicine and together they decided to continue their mission of helping people get educated, screened, tested and treated. Now they work closely with physicians and dentists to offer solutions for their patients who suffer from OSA. Their new office in the Villages of Saxony opened to welcome patients in January of 2020.

Dr. Jack’s Accreditations and Affiliations Include:

  • American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (Fellowship Candidate)
  • International Academy of Sleep (Fellow)
  • American Dental Academy