For Physicians

Working With Physicians

You have a choice in helping your CPAP intolerant patients find an alternative treatment for OSA and we want to be your first choice. We understand how frustrating this journey can be for you and your patients and we’re here to help.

Indy Center for Sleep Health has been working with physicians in central Indiana to successfully treat patient using Oral Appliance Therapy for several years.  We believe our commitment to provide the highest level of care for patients on your behalf is what sets us apart.

We enjoy meeting with physicians and their teams to see if we can be a resource for you to offer excellent, comprehensive care for your patients. Please to not hesitate to contact us if we can provide more information, answer any questions or assist you with a treatment plan.

We appreciate the privilege to collaborate in caring for your patients!

Our Commitment to You

  • 1 Follow AASM and AADSM protocols for standard of care
  • 2 Recognize CPAP is the Golden Standard and encourage compliance through education
  • 3 Require referral and prescription from patient’s PCP or sleep physician
  • 4 Educate patients on all aspects of OSA
  • 5 Routinely communicate patient progress to referring physician
  • 6 Always use the highest quality appliances available customized to the needs of the patient
  • 7 Use innovative technology in to determine optimal specifications for fit and design
  • 8 Listen to your patient to determine if other medical intervention is needed (ENT, therapy, etc)
  • 9 Continuing our education in the field of Dental Sleep Medicine
  • 10 AADSM Designated Provider and Master’s Program working towards Diplomate status
  • 11 Fellow with the International Academy of Sleep
  • 12 Medicare DME provider and work with all commercial medical insurance providers